12 rounds of a punishing mix of fitness and technique with pro boxing genetics. This class is an electric adrenaline ride - a new-school fitness 

Photo by TeoLazarev/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by TeoLazarev/iStock / Getty Images

dance flow

Inspired by contemporary dance, yoga & conditioning, this class is much more than a workout. Learn a skill, share good energy 


Strengthen and sculpt the whole body using mostly body weight and light resistance. This floor based class will be ideal for anyone looking


buti yoga

A fusion of Power Yoga, Tribal Dance & Plyometrics designed to leave you feeling awakened and empowered. The freedom of 


hiit it up

A treadmill and strength training interval-based class. For those who want a comprehensive, full body, cardiovascular and weight training class


A great way to stay fit and lean, Cycle is a high energy and fun workout sure get you results! Expect a motivational, energetic whilst challenging

vinyasa & yoga fusion

A fusion of two types of Yoga - the passive practice of Yin Yoga which involves variations of seated and supine poses - magic for the mind



A high intensity with low rest, station based class to kick start your morning. Expect dynamic movements to get you sweaty along with hardcore 

Photo by UberImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by UberImages/iStock / Getty Images


Strengthen the body, prevent and overcome
injury with an emphasis on activating
core muscles.

mad house

The fusion of cardio training combined with strength and conditioning exercises create the perfect place to grow and learn. Aimed at all