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The first step on your new fitness journey is complete. 

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At its heart Fit Club Studios is a team of people who love fitness and each person brings a special ingredient that makes up the Fit Club experience.  

Every one of our team is experienced and knowledgeable, but individual in our own way, so we’re confident you’ll always find at least one instructor and class that you connect with and enjoy. Led by founder Matt Vier, the team is passionate to the extreme about training that feels good and that works. But we also understand there can be barriers standing in the way of your goals and we’re here to help you understand them and overcome them.

With a variety of classes on offer in a single space, we’ve designed a studio which is welcoming and flows easily from one fitness style to another without any compromise. The lighting system can be flexed to complement different classes; from our high energy classes to some of the more zen experiences. The performance analysis system provides data you can track from workout to workout and across all class training styles.

We feel we have created something special in Fit Club and will always aspire to be at the forefront of an ever evolving industry. We’re always keen to hear feedback too and our aim is to become an important and integral part of the community.

Our Classes


12 rounds of a punishing mix of fitness and technique with pro boxing genetics. This class is an electric adrenaline ride - a new-school fitness format sprinkled with some old-school grit. One minute you’re hitting our water-filled punch bags with a mean uppercut and the next you’re bear crawling across the floor - an action packed experience lead by our inimitable boxing coach.



A high intensity with low rest, station based class to kick start your morning. Expect dynamic movements to get you sweaty along with hardcore upper and lower body work - and some decent tracks too.


hiit it up

A treadmill and strength training interval-based class. For those who want a comprehensive, full body, cardiovascular and weight training class - this is for you. Expect maximise calorie burn, body tone and shape. Stick with this class and you will see results quickly.



Strengthen the body, prevent and overcome injury with an emphasis on activating core muscles.


Strengthen and sculpt the whole body using mostly body weight and light resistance. This floor based class will be ideal for anyone looking to improve muscle tone, feel energised and learn some moves that can be easily done at home to keep you feeling and looking great. Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or want to sweat it out, this class is perfect.


A great way to stay fit and lean, Cycle is a high energy and fun workout sure get you results! Expect a motivational, energetic whilst challenging experience and plenty of tips to make sure your technique and movement is on point. Whether you are a new or an experienced cyclist, there is a style to suit you.

mad house

The fusion of cardio training combined with strength and conditioning exercises create the perfect place to grow and learn. Aimed at all abilities, but be prepared to work hard - the rewards will follow!

vinyasa & yin yoga fusion

A fusion of two types of Yoga - the passive practice of Yin Yoga which involves variations of seated and supine poses - magic for the mind and the body, and Vinyasa Yoga which connects your breath and movement, helping to challenge your strength and core.

Personal Training

Your challenges, your obstacles, and your fitness journey addressed by a qualified Fit Club Studios instructor.


Gym Pass

Full access to our gym equipment and studio space. Available most days outside of class schedule.


Limited at 6 classes per month



Unlimited classes and gym passes per month 


   FIT CLUB gym Unlimited

Unlimited gym passes per month 


  Pay As You Go

TASTER PACK - 4 Credits only £25 (open to new members only)

1 class pass


5 class  pass


10 class pass


15  class pass


20 class pass


1 gym pass